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  • Great for container grown plants
  • Ideal for repotting
  • Ready to use
Fertilization: Do not apply fertilizer within the first thirty days, or until plants are rooted and established.
Container Grown Plants: Partially fill container with potting soil from bag. Place root ball of plant in center of container and add enough remaining soil to bring level to within 1/2" of rim. Press soil gently around stem of plant. Water thoroughly. For slips or bare rooted cuttings, use same procedure as above in containers of 2" - 2 1/2".
Repotting: When plants become root-bound they should be repotted in larger containers for continued growth. Remove plant from present container by turning container upside down and tapping gently on bottom to loosen soil and root mass. Place plant in a new container and follow directions for container grown plants. Water thoroughly.